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Here Are the Most Uncanny 'The Simpsons' Predictions for 2020

  1. According to Twitter, 'The Simpsons' Predicted the 2020 Super Bowl and the Coronavirus. The teams in this year's Super Bowl and the Coronavirus epidemic are just some of the events The Simpsons has foretold with a great deal of accuracy
  2. For decades, The Simpsons has proven adept at not only standing the test of time, but even predicting the future. Has the show already predicted the future for the 2020s? In season 11, The Simpsons predicted a Donald Trump presidency in the 2000 episode Bart to the Future
  3. Top 10 Simpsons Predictions That Might Come True In 2020Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: http://bit.ly/2Ibyk6iCheck out our new channel: http://tiny.cc/g6cp..

The Simpsons Might Have Already Predicted the Events of 2020

The Simpsons predictions in 2020: Trump death. Back in 2017, an image of Donald Trump in a coffin [see below tweet] was supposedly taken from an episode of The Simpsons Rasha Ali | October 16, 2020 @ 7:10 AM Last Updated: October 16, 2020 @ 7:48 AM The Simpsons has an eerie knack for predicting the future, from Donald Trump's presidency to U.S. beating Sweden.

What other predictions have the Simpsons made? The show predicted Trump's rise to power in an episode aired back in 2000. In the show Lisa refers to inheriting quite a budget crunch from. 10 Nov 2020, 11:36; Simpsons predictions are widely documented on social media Credit: Fox. The Simpsons' 31st Halloween special, Treehouse of Horror XXXI, shows a 2021 doomsday The Simpsons predictions for 2020 election. While it's not exactly a concrete prediction, a recent The Simpsons episode - 'Treehouse of Horror XXXI' - conjured up a potential outcome of. The Simpsons Might Have Already Predicted the Events of 2020. The Simpsons have predicted the future dozens of times over the years. (20th Century Fox) 2 Jun 2020. Military.com | By Blake Stilwell..

Fans interpret The Simpsons as predicting 2020's pandemic and murder hornets. From a pandemic to dangerous insects. Fans interpret The Simpsons as predicting 2020's pandemic and murder hornets The Simpsons has a talent for looking into the future with incredible accuracy. Here are a 13 times it predicted events that haven't happened yet The animated prophecies of The Simpsons have long been documented by fans of the series. Now in its 31st year, the cartoon created by Matt Groening predicted many a world-altering event long. The Simpsons have continued their streak of being our pop culture Nostradamus. Fox's long-running animated series — actually the longest running in history — has an episode from 1993 which. A comical image that reads, Old Man Yells At Old Man is being widely shared online with people commenting that The Simpsons predicted the 2020 US Presidential Debates as well. But the show might have been right about other instances, but not this one. We tell you why

Simpsons Predictions for the YEAR 2020 [Ivanka] 2020 is a major election year and this year's election could give us a major glimpse into the future seeing. After the Simpsons already predicted Donald Trump's presidential run we have to imagine they wanted to take another shot in the dark The Simpsons television show predicted the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and murder wasp incursion in a 1993 episode. The animated television comedy series The Simpsons has been said, in its 30. The fake image started trending on the micro-blogging site Twitter after a viral video asked users to look for significant incidents linked to August 27, 2020, and somehow it was linked to Donald. Other episodes where The Simpsons predict the future include Donald Trump being president of the United States, 911, US beating Sweden in Olympic curling and Lady Gaga's half-time Super Bowl show. Jun 8, 2020 - Explore Bea's board Simpson's Predictions, followed by 353 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Simpson, The simpsons, Predictions

Top 10 Simpsons Predictions That Might Come True In 2020

But a new theory that seems to build on The Simpsons' prediction record, which posits that the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests and even the death of President Donald Trump are predicted in the. In June 2020, a set of images started to circulate on social media supposedly showing screen grabs from an episode of The Simpsons in which the long-running animated show predicted the. The 2020 coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan, China. [Most read] Second stimulus check updates: Negotiators near agreement on long-delayed COVID-19 aid bill — including direct payments 19 years ago, an episode of The Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump would one day become US president.. And this wasn't the only time the writers have managed to predict the future. The.

Jul. 07, 2020, at 18:19 PM An earlier version of this post included a TikTok that pointed out a few instances in which The Simpsons predicted the current events of 2020 Bill Oakley, cowriter of the Simpsons episode that was falsely linked to the coronavirus, is speaking out about the harmful nature of misinformation. In 2020, Megan Thee Stallion clocked two.

The Simpsons: 11 'predictions' that could still come true

The Simpsons even had a like-for-like shot of him going down the escalator in a mall, which actually ended up happening in real life when Trump had got the role. 2 Toys 'R' Us This is quite a sad prediction that many people would wish never came true, but The Simpsons did actually predict that popular shop, Toys 'R' Us would end up closing down. The Simpsons has given us some of the best satire of the century — and it turns out it also predicted the Trump administration and the unprecedentedly weird timeline it would bring.. As the show. Mitch Brogan got the idea from his late grandfather Charles - to answer a list of 11 predictions and seal them up in an envelope until 1 January, 2020 Happy 30th birthday to The Simpsons, which first aired on Dec., 17, 1989. Although, based on the TV show's knack for prediction, creators have likely always known it would make it to the.

The Simpsons predictions: Trump death 2020 posts explained

  1. Simpsons did it—the much-recited phrase that's repeated whenever a real-life event happens as foretold in The Simpsons.. And while most of the time they're pretty spot on with such predictions.
  2. While the show did nail some predictions, it may simply be a case of a broken clock being right twice a day, as the half-hour show originally began airing on Fox in 1989 and has since run for 31 seasons and is expected to enter its 32nd sometime after March 2020. So it was bound to get some predictions right during that time, just not Tom Hanks.
  3. S - - t the Simpsons really did predict 2020, the fan tweeted Tuesday with a clip of the scene. This Simpsons episode is the second one to be credited with predicting the current.
  4. Those are my predictions for 2020. For you, my loyal readers, I wish a new year full of awe, joy, rationality, civility, and love. The company is sensitive to criticism that its highly paid.
  5. Other unexpected The Simpsons predictions that have come to light in recent years is the election of Donald Trump as president as well as 20th Century Fox ultimately being purchased by The Walt.
  6. The Simpsons is known for some surprisingly accurate predictions. In 1994, the Fox show predicted a 2013 incident in which horse meat was found in burgers. In 1997, The Simpsons predicted the 2014.
  7. A number of tweets have claimed that an episode of The Simpsons predicted that Trump would die on 27 August, 2020. Many of the tweets also feature a doctored image of an animated Trump lying in a..
10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future - YouTube

For example, the predictions of the coronavirus outbreak and murder hornet invasion came from a 1993 episode but finally became real in 2020. Take a look at the Mohamed-Ajaz's guide to see if your. With over 30 seasons under its belt, it's no wonder so many of The Simpsons' predictions for the future have come to pass in real life. By D. R. Bickham Feb 04, 2020 Share Share Tweet Emai

15 Times 'The Simpsons' Predicted the Future (Photos

Season 31 Season 31 is the thirty-first season of The Simpsons that premiered on September 29, 2019, with The Winter of Our Monetized Content and ended on May 17, 2020 with The Way of the Dog. With 20th Television's dissolvement, starting with Season 32 they will no longer distribute the series.. W hen it comes to predicting the champions of Super Bowl 2020, During The Simpsons' Super Bowl predictions winning streak from 1992-1994, the writers room was full of well-informed sports. Word is spreading that a 1993 episode of The Simpsons, an animated sitcom that has been on TV since 1989, somehow predicted what's happened so far in 2020, which, by the way, has included. The Simpsons 2020 Predictions Debunked! We've seen various Simpsons memes and predictions about 2020, ranging from predicting Coronavirus to Kobe Bryant. But are any of these predictions. That said, we did pretty well — 12 out of our 16 predictions came true — and in the interest of practicing and getting better, we're doing it again for 2020, this time with 18 predictions.

19/03/2020 11:16 GMT Perhaps the most famous of these so-called Simpsons predictions is Donald Trump's presidency, which the show first joked about in Bart To The Future (2000) From a robot takeover to mind control music to Ivanka Trump running for president, here are 10 Simpsons future predictions that have not come true...yet. By Ryan Peterson on June 5, 2020 at 9:30AM PD 5 predicciones de los simpson para 2019 (¡¡y 2020!!)las predicciones mas inquietantes e increÍbles que los simpsons la serie mas conocida y mas longeva, que. Using these previously successful predictions, analysts at London-based Luno have calculated the average time from a Simpsons prediction to reality is 15.6 years—meaning we could expect bitcoin. The Simpsons is as famous for predicting the future as it is for it's incredible list of celebrity cameos. From Chris Martin to Mark Zuckerberg, there have been more than 800 guest appearances

The Simpsons' predictions strike AGAIN! Newsreader Kent Brockman eerily parallels coronavirus crisis as he presents from home during episode which aired in 1998 George Clooney sums up 2020 as. The Donald Trump presidency (Season 11, Episode 17: Bart to the Future) Let's start with the most widely circulated prediction. The second time The Simpsons took a peek into the future, Lisa has. Diply, 'The Simpsons' predicted Tom Hanks getting coronavirus in 2007, March 12, 2020 YouTube, Simpsons Movie clip , accessed March 13, 2020 YouTube, Simpsons Movie credits clip , Jan. 21. Super Bowl XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII. Predicted: 1992, 1993, 1994 Happened: 1992, 1993, 1994 The show predicted the N.F.L. champions three years in a row — in an episode that was all about predictions

Did the Simpsons predict the US election 2020

What are The Simpsons predictions for 2021

  1. Conspiracy theorists are circulating two cartoon clips, including one Simpsons snippet, that they believe predicted Kobe Bryant's death. 2020, 7:17 pm Felix Kalvesmaki
  2. May 29, 2019 - Explore Jacki Tucker's board Simpson's prediction's on Pinterest. See more ideas about simpson, the simpsons, predictions
  3. Facebook post, Feb. 20, 2020 Business Insider, 18 times 'The Simpsons' accurately predicted the future , Feb. 3, 2020 The Hollywood Reporter, 'The Simpsons': 30 times the Fox comedy.
  4. The Simpsons is taking aim at Donald Trump's presidency for the show's 31st installment of its series of Halloween episodes. Variety revealed the long-running cartoon's latest.
  5. g Presidential Election?Now, I'm an astrologer, not a psychic. But there is a branch of astrology—called mundane astrology—that can be used to find answers about what's to come by studying the celestial transits that will take place on a specific day
Top 10 Simpsons Predictions That Might Come True In 2020

The Simpsons predictions for 2020 election explained

2020 In Music; Buzz · Posted on Oct 15, 2013. 21 Times The Simpsons Bizarrely Predicted The Future. Mutant vegetables? Stolen lemon trees? Robot librarians? It's all happening. by Jen Lewis Coronavirus: The Simpsons writer slams fans for 'gross and terrible' jokes about show's pandemic 'predictions' A 1993 episode saw Springfield besieged by 'Osaka flu' - which has. While the Simpsons' Trump death prediction is not real, the show has seemingly predicted the future on a few occasions. In one example, the episode 'Marge in Chains' began with the outbreak of an epidemic and ended with riots and vandalism, which bears a remarkable resemblance to the year 2020 Saturday Oct 03, 2020 The Simpsons is arguably one of the most popular animated TV shows in the world. The show has predicted many major life events, including Trump's rise to power and 9/11

Lisa Simpson 2020, Redondo Beach, California. 540 likes. Elect minimum wage worker Lisa IDKYBILY Simpson in 2020. United Human Race Party founder. Peace & Love Humanitarian. Omni-partisan &.. 7 bold predictions for the 2020 World Series 7 bold predictions for the 2020 World Series By Richard Justice @RichardJustice. October 19, 2020 Facebook Share. Twitter Share. Email. Copy Link. This is the World Series we deserve. Dodgers vs. Rays. Seems like it was meant to be, doesn't it?. Bill Oakley, former producer and writer for The Simpsons, is admitting to something we knew all along. The long-running animated series predicted practically everything that has happened in 2020 AS America and the world remain gripped by the nail-biting election, an old episode of the Simpsons has reemerged, suggesting the show spookily predicted the outcome. The clip shows an election map with an eerily similar party split to that of Biden and Trump in the 2020 race for the White House, leaving viewers freaked out that cartoon had.

2020 Predictions: Dean Koontz, Sylvia Browne, Nostradamus

The Simpsons Offered Glimpses of 2020 and It's Wacky Tim

13 'Simpsons' Predictions That Have NOT Come True But

  1. According to Mr Hamilton-Parker, 2020 will see many environmental disasters unfold all across the world. He said: 2020 will see many earthquakes
  2. The Simpsons writer concedes series really did 'predict 2020' after new double 'prediction' emerges. People have noted a certain timeliness in a clip from the 1993 episode 'Marge in.
  3. Sat, Oct 03, 2020 . Ever since news broke that Trump tested positive for the novel coronavirus, people are searching for predictions The Simpsons made about the president
  4. Free Soccer and Football Predictions and Tips For Today - Thursday, December 17th, 2020

'The Simpsons' predicted the coronavirus outbreak over 20

Psychic Nicolas Aujula Shares His Predictions For 2020, Including Trump's 'Defeat' And An England Footie Win. News Woman Makes £250k House Unsellable After Decorating For 30 Years The Simpsons has a a lasting track record at the Emmys that few programs outside of the variety categories can claim. PREDICT the 2020 Emmy Always remember to keep your predictions. The Simpsons' predictions include Trump presidency, this year's Super Bowl, the Coronavirus epidemic, Kobe's death. Another person said: Nostradamus has haunting prophecies of this happening.

January 20th 2021: The Simpsons prediction explained

'The Simpsons' predicted a pandemic and killer insects

  1. A year later, the economic expansion is still underway, and many experts now have a more positive outlook for 2020. The majority of predictions we analyzed foresaw a year of continued job growth and modest gains in the stock market. Here's a look at S&P 500 end target predictions from some of Wall Street's top strategists
  2. A number of pictures from old episodes of the animated comedy show have been circulating on the Internet suggesting that The Simpsons predicted the outbreak of the virus over two decades in advance. The stills are believed to be taken from a 1993 episode, where there is an illness creating chaos
  3. The Simpsons has a history of predicting world events and it turns out the show correctly forecast the coronavirus back in 1993 when a killer flu hit Springfield.. The cartoon comedy's.
  4. The prediction that Trump would one day become president came sixteen years before he was elected to office. The Simpsons made this prediction in a rather off-hand way though, as Lisa was the current president in the future Bart saw. His future self visited his now successful younger sister at the White House, allowing the series to show how Lisa was doing as POTUS
  5. The Simpsons likes to poke fun at everything, and sometimes the show makes a few predictions. We look back at an episode from 2000 that imagines what would happen under a Donald Trump presidency

The Simpsons Prediction About US Presidential Debate 2020

Times "The Simpsons" Bizarrely Predicted The FutureThe Simpsons Made Trump Predictions 16 Years Ago & Most

The Simpsons has fans spread across multiple generations, let alone branches, and last year proved it could pull off a win at virtually any moment. Defending its title is far from an upset proposition in 2020. Though it's been airing for a shorter period (and what hasn't?), Bob's Burgers has a similar stronghold on the Emmys This was far from the first case of a joke from The Simpsons coming true. In the March 2000 episode Bart to the Future, for example, newly inaugurated President Lisa Simpson complains. THE SIMPSONS have spoofed the 2020 presidential election in their Halloween special this year. News PSYCHIC SIMPSONS. The Simpsons has 11 'predictions' that could still come true Entertainment CHECK IT. When did The Simpsons predict George Floyd's death? New In the first episode of The Simpsons after the 2016 presidential election, November 8, 2020. said he's afraid to make any predictions for the next four years because they might come true The posts, featuring four images from The Simpsons, have been shared over 18,000 times on Facebook and over 5,000 times on Twitter as of March 13, 2020 ( here, here, here). Most social media users.

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